Mastering SEO: Local and Global Strategies Sculpted from 15 Years of Expertise

We offer a comprehensive range of global and local SEO services

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Delivering Excellence in SEO: Comprehensive Global and Local Solutions

Potential with Precision

At Fox & Mayfair, our keyword research service is the cornerstone of successful SEO. We delve deep into market trends, user behaviour, and competitive landscapes to uncover the keywords that are not just relevant but also profitable for your business. Our strategic approach ensures that every term we select is a step towards elevating your online presence and connecting you with your ideal audience.”

Optimizing for Excellence

Fox & Mayfair’s on-page SEO services are meticulously crafted to enhance your website’s performance and relevance. We focus on optimizing every element – from content to meta tags and site structure to user experience – ensuring your site not only appeals to search engines but also provides value to your visitors. We commit to transforming your online presence into a beacon of quality and accessibility.

Beyond the Website

Fox & Mayfair’s off-page optimization services extend your digital influence far beyond your website. We strategically build your online reputation through high-quality backlinks, social media presence, and influencer collaborations. Our holistic approach enhances your brand’s authority and credibility, ensuring you stand out in the competitive digital ecosystem.

Engineering Digital Success

At Fox & Mayfair, our Technical SEO services are the backbone of a robust online presence. We delve into the intricate details of website architecture, ensuring seamless crawlability, fast loading speeds, and mobile optimization. Our technical expertise lays a solid foundation for your site, making it search-engine friendly and a delight for your users to navigate.

My Mission

I am Andrew Waring, the driving force behind Fox & Mayfair, with a rich tapestry of experience spanning over 15 years in SEO consultancy and digital marketing. My journey has taken me through the realms of large agencies and global enterprises, where I’ve seen the transformative power of SEO in scaling businesses of all sizes and connecting them with their target audiences.

Embracing the dawn of a new era, I have founded Fox & Mayfair, a boutique agency where high-caliber SEO services become accessible to businesses across the spectrum. Leveraging the prowess of AI, we enhance productivity and streamline processes, offering premium SEO solutions at a value that defies the norms.

My vision is clear: to democratise access to top-tier SEO services, ensuring businesses, regardless of their size or budget, can harness the power of online visibility. As a staunch advocate for online success, my passion lies in guiding businesses to realize their digital aspirations and achieve their full potential.


If you’re looking to elevate your online business, I invite you to connect with me. It would be my pleasure to engage in a conversation about your unique aspirations and objectives, and explore how we at Fox & Mayfair can be instrumental in your digital journey.